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Product Detail
Code: CAS NO. 577-11-7

OT-75 surface active agent


CAS No577-11-7 / 64-17-5

Ion type: negative ion

Molecular formula: C20H37NaO7S

Nadi OT-75 is a dioctylsodium dioctyl sulfonate,The surfactant has a very rapid migration to the interface. It is a very excellent wetting agent and emulsifier. Its surface modification can be used to reduce surface tension and increase absorption and permeability.

Physicochemical properties




Clear and micro viscous liquid

Solid content (wt%)

75.0 ± 1.0(Active content72)



Chroma (APHA)


Specific gravity (25)


Viscosity (25)  

about 200cps

Freezing point


Open Flash Point


pH (1% solution)

5.0 - 7.0

Acid Value mg KOH/g

≤ 1.0

Iodine value

≤ 0.2

Surfaceactive properties of surfactant

Critical micelle concentration (wt%): 0.11 – 0.15

Surface tension  (25): 26.0 mN/m

OT-75Typical applications

In addition to an excellent wetting agent, OT-75can alsobe used for emulsification, stabilization and dispersion.

OT-75 has special performance in the following severalrepresentative applications:

1、Printing ink and gloss oil: as a wetting and leveling agent widely used in water-base printing inks and polish formulations. It canreduce the surface tension of the formula quickly and significantly, improve the wettability of the substrate and improve the  adhesion, gloss and colorfineness. It can improve the flow performance and obtain a  uniform coating. Itsrapid wettability can also adapt to very fast print speeds.

2、Emulsion polymerization: can be used as the main orsecondary emulsifier of emulsion  polymerization, which can be used in the production of many types of emulsion. In the case of very low dosage, it can control the particle size and very narrow particle size distribution, and thereaction process has little coagulation and high conversion rate.

3、 After the emulsion polymerization of wetting dispersant:in all kinds of emulsion, including pure acrylic, styrene acrylic,vinegar,butylbenzene latex, as after additives, to reduce the surface tension, improve flowand flow performance, enhance the emulsion in wettability on the surface of the substrate and the coatingperfaormance,etc.,has very excellent  effect.

4、Coating formula: provide excellent flow and levelingperformance, improve the wetting and adhesion of coatings. The excellentsolubility of organic solvents allows it to be compatible with variousadditives and formulations.

5、Pigment dispersion: effective dispersion of pigment.

6、Textile and papermaking: as wetting and dispersing agentsare very effective.

7、Cleaning: due to the very good wetting, dispersing,penetration and emulsifying properties,in the car windows and windshield,metal, precision instruments, electronic parts, glass cleaning, etc is veryeffective, but also has excellent performance in the liquid dry cleaning.

8、Agricultural products: wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties.

9、Organic systems: as wetting, dissolving, dispersant arevery compatible and effective in a wide range of organic hydrocarbon systems.

10、Can be used as a wetting agent for many kinds ofsubstrate, such as metal, glass, plastic ete.


OT-75 is relatively easy to degrade. In the CSMA swingtest,OT-75 was completely biodegraded within 2days when  the test bacteria were not adapted tosurfactant.

Health and safety

Before using this material, please read the safety, healthand environmental data of the company’s material safety data sheet (MSDS).

Storage and operation

OT-75 contains ethanol, a kind of flammable liquid which must behandled carefully.

OT-75 surfactant can be stored and used in most containers orreactors. It is recommended to use stainless steel, aluminum and manganesenickel alloys as the reaction and storage containers. Glass and rubble aresuitable for lining materials. Since the evaporation of water and ethanol canlead to gels, containers equipped with OT-75 need to keep the lid closed whennot in use. If gelation occurs, a small amount of ethanol (1-2% of thesurfactant’s weight) will be added, and the barrel will roll until the geldisappears.

The activity of OT-75 will not change due to freeze-thaw. Incase of freeze-thaw, it is recommended to stir well before use.

200kg/iron drum.


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